Three Top American Sports Utility Cars that Are Popular among the Americans

Not many people know that there are many sport utility cars that are assembled in the US. These are very prestigious cars. Such reputable companies as BMW allocate some of its production facilities to the US. This way Americans can afford to buy the types of cars they wish.

There are also several native American producers. They are known around the world. These are Ford, General Electric, Fiat. All the mentions producers produce both sedans and sport utility cars.

The Top Three SUVs

Americans love driving sport utility cars. They are perfect to drive on complicated parts on the road. They are extremely useful when it comes to driving on winter roads. There are top three sport utility vehicles that Americans prefer to many others:

  • Ford Kuga. It is said to drive on any types of the road. It has unique technical parameters. Besides Americans really like Ford cars. Ford Kuga is one of the most favorite sport utility autos. There are many Americans who own it. If people decide to on to winter resorts and do not have a car, they choose Ford Kuga. Such an auto is also very stylish. It has enough space for children and pets.
  • BMW X3. People in America love German autos not less than they are loved in Europe. BMW is known to produce a car with very high quality. Technical parameters of such a BMW X3 are excellent. The car can easily maneuver on the roads. Another advantage of it is a big trunk. It is possible to allocate much luggage inside it.
  • Cadillac XT5. This is a typical American car. It has a powerful design and it is very good. The auto by itself is huge. In America, it is very prestigious to drive it. Cadillac is good to drive on any road. It can accommodate up to 5 people. It is perfect to travel to the mountains. The skies can be easily allocated on the roof of the car.

Sport utility autos are often rented by Americans during winter holidays. The price of rent is more than for a regular sedan. It is around 24$ per day. Though, renting a car is worth it. There are several things to check before renting an SUV:

  • What the year of its production is. The younger the auto it, the better. It means that it will drive easier on roads.
  • Actual technical condition. Everyone wants his family to drive safe on the road. One of the main ways to guarantee it is to make sure that the current technical condition of the vehicle is good. In order to do that one has to ask for a technical passport.

Rent the SUV in the best technical condition. The journey will be secure!

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